Being connected at Life Community Church means being involved in a small group. 

As our church grows larger, we also grow smaller. Small groups provide an opportunity for you to build friendships and spiritual growth.  
Our small groups gather around common interests.  We have women’s, men’s, college, couples, sermon-based, movies, walking, financial, serving, restaurants, freedom groups and more.  We gather all over the city at different times through the day and evening.  In other words we gather around something you are interested and use that as a platform for small groups.

Sign Up for a Small Group

Intersted in Leading?

As we grow we are always looking for great Small Group Leaders. 

Small group leaders are vital to the health and life of our church.  Leading a group is not a burden but a joy.  Our unique style of groups creates simple yet meaningful experiences for both those who attend and those who lead.

  1. Decide the type of group you want to lead.
  2. Complete a small group leader application.
  3. Attend a small group leader class.
  4. Launch your group.
  5. Have fun.