I joined my first small group at Life Church in September. The first week, I was sick and missed our meeting, then the following week I hurt my back and was at the ER. I sent a group text and asked everyone in the group to please pray. My life group leader Jonathan Davis pulled his car over and recorded a video of him praying the most beautiful, heartfelt and powerful prayer. When he sent it to me, I was crying and scared at the ER, that prayer made me feel so much better! Then the texts with prayers started coming in from everyone in the group and I felt SO loved! I hadn’t even met half of these people, yet I felt like they were family. I made it the following week and was made to feel so welcome. The name of our life group is #thebestgroupeva and it’s so fitting! I love how we eat and break bread each week, we worship after dinner, then have our talk about the sermon and always end in prayer for each other. I am just so happy and grateful for this group and for Life Church.