Hi church family,


Let me begin with an important update.


Life Church is cancelling our services for March 15, 2020.  


In the past 24 hours, the situation with the Coronavirus has escalated in our community.  We feel at this point the health and well-being of our church body is not as safe as it was when we made our initial decision to hold our church services.  We now believe it is in the best interest of our church and community not to gather together.  Our leadership team will meet on Monday to discuss the next steps in ministering to our church in the coming weeks.


Our President has called for Sunday to be a National Day of Prayer.  It’s a great time for the church to rise to the occasion.  Let’s all spend time in the morning asking the Lord for these items:


1-  Health and safety for our city and nation

2-  Wisdom and strength for health professionals, as well as local and national leaders

3-  The coronavirus to be lessened, controlled and ultimately completely removed

4-  Pray for our church and all of the churches in our city to be able to respond to the crisis and show the love and power of God.


We are a church of faith and hope. Let’s keep believing God for his protection.


Harriet and I love you and we believe the best is still yet to come.


Tim Blevins

Lead Pastor